HOPE’87 – Cité Baraka – from a slum to a new district – Senegal


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Cité Baraka – from a slum to a new district


The “Cité Baraka” project was initiated in 2015 in Baraka, Liberté VI, a district of Dakar. Aim is the reconstruction of the slum Baraka into a modern district. To prepare the inhabitants of Baraka for the reconstruction project of the Baraka slum into a modern area, a special awareness program was accomplished. This outreach project aims to inform and sensitize the population regarding the new local development program in the respective area. Awareness activities like home visits, talks and meetings focused on the reconstruction conditions especially with the opportunity to relocate the families into apartments of the newly constructed houses and give them the opportunity to gain ownership after 10 to 15 years of living in these apartments.




Robert Ottitsch
E-Mail: office@hope87.at


Posted: 25. Oktober 2017


Category: Afrika, HOPE'87, Infrastruktur / Wohnraum

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