HOPE’87 – Fight against HIV/Aids – Senegal


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Fight against HIV/Aids

Support for sexual and reproductive health of women


The objective of this project was to inform women, especially pregnant girls and young mothers, about the means of transmission of the HIV/Aids virus, as well as consequences of infection and possible treatments. Other social mobilisation actions include support for voluntary HIV screenings, distribution of condoms, improvement of capacities of members of the community health services, such as formally trained as well as traditional midwives, and financial support for people living with HIV/Aids. All of these activities have contributed to improved awareness and a drastic reduction of the prevalence of HIV/Aids in the project area.




Robert Ottitsch
E-Mail: office@hope87.at


Posted: 25. Oktober 2017


Category: Afrika, Aus- und Weiterbildung, Gesundheit und Medizin, HOPE'87

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