HOPE’87 – Reconstrustruction and Rehabilitation of the Slum Area in Dakar – Senegal


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Reconstrustruction and Rehabilitation of the Slum Area in Dakar


As part of the larger rehabilitation project of the Baraka slum, this initative includes reconstruction and rehabiltition as well as several smaller, specific targets for health, education and training. With regard to health, the project offers the services of a family doctor free of charge for all of Baraka. This activity ensures primary health care and treatment of the most common diseases such as diarrhea, malaria and respiratory problems.

To improve conditions for education, the primary school of Baraka was repainted, its 120 tables and benches were refurbished by local carpenters and the plumbing of the school latrines was overhauled. In a newly renovated hall the neighbourhood’s first workshop for female hairdressing is being established to enable girls to integrate into workforce, whilst also promoting the creation of sustainable jobs in Baraka. Another part of the project is an awareness raising initiative to support inhabitants to relocate their families from slum huts to apartments in newly constructed houses, where they will have the opportunity to gain ownership after 10 years of residency. This project has been led by HOPE’87 along with generous financial support from Mr Samih Sawiris and his company Orascom.




Robert Ottitsch
E-Mail: office@hope87.at

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